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1 Packet, 10gm Pumpkin Seeds Hybrid Seeds for Home Gardening..More




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Use Potting mix for high germination rate
unnati 9 group Pumpkin Seeds for Kitchen Gardening
An organic mixture of nutrient rich Red Soil and Cow Manure.
Ready to Use, No further mixing required.
Quality Seeds
Kitchen garden pack
Organic Quality,Imported or Hybrid quality (seeds may treated with thiram to maintain good germiantion but seeds are not harmful you can use this seeds for sowing purpose)

Growing plants from seed is a great way to start gardening. Start with a mixture of agro peat, organic manure and soil in 20:20:60 ratio. Agro peat helps to increase water holding capacity of growing medium and also in easy penetration of roots. If good quality agro peat or manure is not available, you may use the available soil. Now open the seed packet on a white sheet of paper, to avoid them from falling out. Insert the seeds into the prepared mixture to half inch of depth. Moisten the newly planted seeds only by sprinkling water. It is advisable not to directly pour water over the saplings as the force of water might damage them. Please note that all seedlings require considerable amount of light and warmth to germinate. Germination may take place within 10-18 days, depending upon different varieties. Once the seeds grow into seedlings approximately around 3 inches, they can be transplanted to pots or desired areas. Diluted amount of organic pesticide could be used to control weeds/pests. For better results, use Organic Manure

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10 Grams

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