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2 Sticks Lucky Bamboo Spiral Sticks Without Glass Container




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Height : 90 cm, Contents : 2 Sticks Without Glass Container
Sticks Some time Come with Leaves and Sometime without leaves. Its Depend on availability.

Lucky bamboo, lucky bamboo charmed its way into the hearts of plant lovers because it requires only basic care to thrive. Just stick the stems in some water, surround them with pebbles for support, and watch them grow. Lucky Wheel Bamboo Is Perhaps The Most Popular Indoor Plant In The World. According To Feng Shui Masters, Wherever Bamboo Is Placed, Good Fortune Is Sure To Follow. It's A Traditional Symbol Of Happiness, Wealth And Health. It Is Said That Every New Growing Leaf Will Bring Luck And Prosperity To The Owner. A Perfect Green Gift For Virtually Anyone. It Also Helps That They Have A Well-Earned Reputation As Nearly Indestructible. These Tough Stalks Can Survive In Vases Of Pure Water Or In Soil, And In A Wide Variety Of Light Conditions. Even A Poorly Kept Lucky Bamboo Plant Will Live For A Long Time. Nurturing Green'S Specially Crafted Plants Are Not Only Beautiful And Easy To Maintain, They Are Also Sent In A Technically Designed Packaging. Specially Ventilated Recyclable Packaging Which Keeps The Plant As Well As The Planter Safe.

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