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Lucky Bamboo 2 Layer Feng Shui Plant with Transparent pot




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Two Layers: This lucky bamboo plant features two distinct layers of bamboo stalks, providing a visually appealing and harmonious balance.
Easy Care: Lucky bamboo is known for its low maintenance. Simply place it in indirect sunlight and maintain a consistent water level to keep it thriving.
Symbolism: According to feng shui principles, lucky bamboo brings positive energy, prosperity, and good fortune. Each layer is thought to represent different aspects of life, such as love and wealth.
Size: approximate height of the plant 20" CM, including the dimensions of the pot or vase it comes in 8* CM8
Includes Decorative Pot: Our two-layer lucky bamboo plant comes potted in a stylish container, adding a touch of elegance to your home or office dcor.
Gift-Ready: Whether it's a housewarming gift, birthday present, or a gesture of goodwill, this plant is perfect for gifting to loved ones or friends.

Enhance your living space with the elegance and symbolism of our two-layer lucky bamboo plant. Lucky bamboo is renowned for its air-purifying qualities and cultural significance in feng shui, making it a popular choice for both dcor and gifting.

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