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LIVE MONEY TREEBring home a beautiful Money Tree for a tropical feel. Pachira houseplants are lush and green, ready to liven up your room decor. Money Tree is gorgeous on any tabletop, shelf, plant stand, or in any living room, office, and bedroom
ELEVATE MOOD & WELLBEINGPlants make us happy. They give us life, fresh air and a sense of calmall of which have the ability to lift your mood and improve your wellbeing. NASA studies show having plants improves mood, creativity and reduces stress
FRESH FROM OUR FARMEvery plant is hand selected and packed with care and shipped direct from our farm to your door. To reduce the possibility of water shortage and decay during the transportation, we will spend more than 2 days to finish sterilization and moisturizing before shipment
CARE INSTRUCTIONS he Money Tree is great for small spaces. It does well in spaces that have medium, indirect light. Place Money Tree in a spot that receives medium light (3-5 hours of sunlight). Water your plant about once a week with approximately 1/2 cup and be sure all excess water drains away. Adjust as needed for your environment. Do not let the Money Tree sit in water or overly soggy soil.
UNIQUE GIFTMoney Tree is a decorative houseplant that has the ability to improve the look and feel of your home decor with a touch of green. Ready to be enjoyed and admired instantly after unboxing ready to be gifted for any occasion, including birthday, anniversary, and housewarming

Money tree (pachira) is said bring good luck & is a favorite plant for applications of Feng shut. The tree offers shiny, hand-shaped leaves that lend it a decidedly tropical appearance. You may also see several money trees grown together in a single pot with their trunks braided together. This is common way to make it look more decorative & doesn't harm the plant at all. No matter which way your money tree is shaped when you get it, the plant does best in a bright spot & regular watering. This is a good houseplant if you tend to overwater plants, as it appreciates (but doesn't need) constantly moist soil. Being a tropical, money tree also appreciates abundant humidity. If the leaves start to have brown, crispy edges, placing it with other plants or near a small humidifier can help. Money tree is frequently used as a specimen for bonsai, as well, & can develop a Fat, dense trunk. If you're looking for a cool houseplant, money tree is definitely one we'd recommend because of how easy it is to grow & it's delightful character. Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary from the photo. Our growers hand pick the healthiest, best-looking, highest-quality plants.

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